TriStar is both an investor and a developer. TriStar’s people have extensive experience in most categories of land development and commercial real estate, providing a wide range of capabilities. We can add value to properties in a number of ways:
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[bullet_list title=”Ways we succeed”]

  • by planning and entitling raw land through development;
  • by upgrading existing facilities;
  • by improving the performance of under-performing investment properties;
  • by closing quickly on attractively-priced properties;
  • by teaming with local developers, entrepreneurs, property owners; and
  • by being a deal maker, not a deal breaker.

[info_box]Each TriStar project is handled by a project team with relevant expertise. All of our team members share a common goal of turning opportunities into completed projects quickly, while providing value for our partners, the ultimate end-users and the communities where our projects are located.[/info_box]